Essays and Features

Selected Essays and Features by Pascale

‘Tala Zone’ essay in GRANTA 157 Should We Have Stayed at Home? New Travel Writing, Autumn 2021 guest edited by William Atkins
“Take a deep breath, do that pursed lip breathing you must do. Watch your heart doesn’t race. The pump is exhaling, inhaling and I am walking, walking. No one is allowed inside the core of Bandhavgarh National Park after sunset…”

Why Read Poetry? a viewpoint on Aeon Ideas 23rd June 2015
by Pascale Petit: ‘Because it captures the wonder and the ineffable in our lives’

Omphalos The Poetry Review spring 2015
An occasional series in which poets write about a place central to their imaginative world

Poetry as Exorcism Mslexia spring 2015

Do Women Poets Write Differently to Men? Poetry Review winter 2012
. Guest editor Bernardine Evaristo 

Chinese Water and Bronze Demons: New Writing from UEA & WCN 
Pascale Petit reports on her experiences at the Chinese-English 2011 Poetry Fellowship in China

Confessing the Amazon and Frida Kahlo The Poetry Paper Issue Six 2009/10 The Poetry Trust

Translating Yang Lian’s ‘The Valley and the End: a Story‘ – Agenda Welsh Issue Vol 44 Nos 2–3 May 2009

Close-up: Imagery – Pascale Petit on how visualising the poem as a vessel can help to find the essence of its imagery Poetry News – the newsletter of the poetry society autumn 2008.

Guardian Online Poetry Workshop, June 2006. Read the workshop and her responses to the shortlist.

Magpies in the Forbidden City – Translating Chinese Poets, Poetry Wales, Summer 2006.

Private and Public Wars – on confessional poetry, New Welsh Review, Summer 2006.

The Poet as Super-Naturalist – review of Ruth Padel’s Tigers in Red Weather, The Independent, July 2005.

Introduction to new edition of Peter Redgrove’s novel In the Country of the Skin, Stride, 2006.

Glyn Jones – Tree-Shudderer of Crystal, Poetry Wales, Summer 2005