Essays and Features

Selected Essays and Features by Pascale

Why Read Poetry? a viewpoint on Aeon Ideas 23rd June 2015
by Pascale Petit: ‘Because it captures the wonder and the ineffable in our lives’

Omphalos The Poetry Review spring 2015
An occasional series in which poets write about a place central to their imaginative world

Poetry as Exorcism Mslexia spring 2015

Do Women Poets Write Differently to Men? Poetry Review winter 2012
. Guest editor Bernardine Evaristo 

Chinese Water and Bronze Demons: New Writing from UEA & WCN 
Pascale Petit reports on her experiences at the Chinese-English 2011 Poetry Fellowship in China

Confessing the Amazon and Frida Kahlo The Poetry Paper Issue Six 2009/10 The Poetry Trust

Translating Yang Lian’s ‘The Valley and the End: a Story‘ – Agenda Welsh Issue Vol 44 Nos 2–3 May 2009

Close-up: Imagery – Pascale Petit on how visualising the poem as a vessel can help to find the essence of its imagery Poetry News – the newsletter of the poetry society autumn 2008.

Guardian Online Poetry Workshop, June 2006. Read the workshop and her responses to the shortlist.

Magpies in the Forbidden City – Translating Chinese Poets, Poetry Wales, Summer 2006.

Private and Public Wars – on confessional poetry, New Welsh Review, Summer 2006.

The Poet as Super-Naturalist – review of Ruth Padel’s Tigers in Red Weather, The Independent, July 2005.

Introduction to new edition of Peter Redgrove’s novel In the Country of the Skin, Stride, 2006.

Glyn Jones – Tree-Shudderer of Crystal, Poetry Wales, Summer 2005