Pascale Petit was a sculptor before she became a poet and trained at the Royal College of Art. Here are sample works:

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‘Ancestral Memory’ 1984, cover of Poetry Review, Summer 2007

‘Treekeeper’ 1986 fibreglass, epoxy resin, birds, skulls, thorns, wood

‘Mirror’ details 1984 casting resin, epoxy resin, fibreglass, thorns, bird, beetles, moths, oil paint (lifesize)

‘Pitcher Plants I & II’ 1991 (seafans, globe, epoxy resin) in Rainforest Art exhibition, Natural History Museum, London

‘Gardens of Earthly Delight’, a poster commissioned by London Underground in 1991

‘Ancestral Memory’ 1984 glass, thorns, birds, insects, clocks, torn photos, 9’x5’x3′ photo
© Graham Bush